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It is normal to have questions. Here is a list of the questions that we are often asked. To make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, we have categorized them under different sections.


Unfortunately, if you arrive late, the playing time will be reduced so as to not delay the next group. However, if there is no reservation following yours, it could be possible to accommodate you.
60 minutes, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. However, we kindly ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance so that our game masters properly prepare you as they should. After completing your adventure, we will be happy to receive your comments, answer your questions and, of course, take your picture so that you can share your experience with the world!
At SOS Aventures, we think that teamwork is key. We do not believe that mixing your group with others will make you enjoy the experience as much. Your group will therefore remain intact; you will not be mixed with strangers.

The door by which you enter the game is never locked and you may exit at any time. If a player needs to leave the game at any given moment, they can do so and then return when ready to continue the adventure.

Although the adventure is held between closed doors, you will not be caught in a confined space. People who are claustrophobic do complete our adventures successfully. Your mind will be so busy being focused on the adventure itself and the time on the clock that you will forget that you are trapped.
The adventures are designed to immerse you into the proposed scenario. If an element in an adventure could be scary, it would be mentioned in the scenario’s description.
Yes ! Escape games do not require any special knowledge. Each member of your team thinks in a different way and it is by sharing your ideas that you will succeed in completing the game. The key is communication!
No, our adventures are achievable by all. However, in order to complete all riddles and puzzles, we recommend a ratio of two adults per player under the age of 12. The curiosity and the logic of young people often make it possible to understand certain puzzles faster. Kids are very curious and find several elements and clues. Children under the age of 8 play for free, as we do not count them as a participant. Note that it is mandatory to have at least one player aged 16 and over per group, who assumes full responsibility of the group.
Young people surprise us all the time in escape games! However, young people under the age of 12 are less successful in grasping the subtleties of certain puzzles and the presence of an adult is essential. We recommend a ratio of two adults per child and that all participants under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult.
It really depends on the children! We have some games that are less difficult than others, these might be more fun for your child and their friends. As a general rule, children aged 8 to 11 have a good understanding, but do not progress independently. Ages 12 and up have a good success rate. We are often impressed by the abilities of young people. They should not be underestimated! However, the presence of adults is necessary to help solve puzzles and ensure the control of the group. If you have any questions, contact us to be sure you are making the right choice.
It would be surprising if you damaged anything. You do not need to make any physical efforts to solve the puzzles in our scenarios. If, however, you intentionally damage equipment or anything in the room, you will be charged.
No physical effort is required and our rooms are safe. We recommend that you seek the advice of your health care provider to know of any restrictions. Contact us if you need more details.
We accept cash, debit and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). Payment is made directly in-store. Gift certificates can be purchased online or in-store.
Yes, all the equipment provided is bilingual. (English & French)
Yes, we have plenty of parking space.


No, as all payments are completed in store the day of your activity. Therefore you can split the bill however you want. If you wish to pay in advance, you can come to us in person during our opening hour. This option is not available for corporation bookings or special groups. .
No, but a reservation secures your place. Reservations can easily be completed online or over the phone (during our opening hours). If you come to us with no booking, we will happily show you the remaining time slots of the day.
Yes of course ! You don’t have to notify us, but if you wish to do so, you can do it through your email confirmation or over the phone. However, make sure that your group remains within the minimum and maximum number of players for your room.
Yes of course ! You don’t have to notify us, but if you wish to do so, you can do it through your email confirmation or over the phone. However, make sure that your group remains within the minimum and maximum number of players for your room.
We can accept larger groups under certain conditions. However, our adventures are designed to be successfully completed with average groups of 4 to 6 people. The size of your group will therefore influence the degree of difficulty. We could recommend that you split your group in two and book two adventures at the same time. Please contact us to discuss.


Depuis le 11 mars 2022, il n’est plus requis de présenter un passeport vaccinal pour faire une aventure.

Clean your hands upon arrival and before and after your adventure. Bring only the bare minimum and prefer contactless payments.
Our team disinfects regurlarly all surfaces and items used during adventures by customers.

Since May 14th, wearing a mask is no more mandatory during your visit.

Gift certificates

You can buy our gift certificates online or in our escape game center.

If you wish to buy online, click here and select the type of cards you want to buy (Adult, Teen or Children). You may purchase up to 20 cards of the same type per transaction and will have to make a different transaction for each type of card. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an email with the different gift certificates identified.

If you buy the certificate online, you will have the option of creating a certificate with a personalized message for each card and then having it printed. 

Without having to print, you can also give the gift certificate code to the gift recipient.

No, it is not possible to request a refund.

You can redeem your gift certificate either at the time of booking on our website or once in store at the time of payment.

When booking on-line: locate the field “Have a promotion or voucher code? Enter code.” on the booking page and enter the gift certificate number. If you have multiple gift certificates, put a comma (,) between each certificate. Example: ABCDE, EDCBA.

In store : present your printed gift certificate, your gift certificate on a mobile device or a paper with the gift certificate code clearly visible so that we can enter it into our system and apply it on your transaction.

There are three types of gift certificates: Adult, Teen and Child. Depending on the user’s age, the user must have the corresponding certificate. If an adult uses a Youth gift certificate , he/she will need to pay the difference.
We use the same system in both escape centers, however the two are not connected to simplify the use by our employees. If you wish to use your gift certificate in another center, you must write to enclosing a copy of your gift certificate to request the transfer. We will cancel your card to create a new one and send it to you by email.

Following the update of our system, our new gift certificates with a 6-character code (ABC123) can be entered directly upon reserving. If your gift certificate has only 4 characters followed by a hyphen and a number (ABCD-1), you will have to present it to us when you pay because the system does not recognize this certificate.

In both cases, you can simply show us your gift certificate at the time of payment.

No. Gift certificates are offered for an entry to an adventure. Meaning that you can offer 2 adult entrances and the price of the gift card is calculated accordingly. You must therefore predict how many people / entries you want to offer, but know that a certificate is produced for each entry purchased.
No, because a certificate represents an entry. If there is a price change, there will be no additional charges to pay.
It may happen. Do not worry, we will not charge you the additional amount. This is simply a problem with the software as it does not calculate the tax on the transaction. Upon your arrival at the store, we will see that you are using a gift certificate and no additional charges will apply.


Anytime. Passports do not expire and consist of four separate entries: one for each company participating in the passport. If there is a date on your entries, it is not to be considered.
Upon purchase, you will receive an email with entries. Each entry is identified by one of the participating companies. At SOS Aventures, you must present your entry when paying, on the day of your reservation. There will be nothing to enter when making the reservation on the website. This may be a different procedure than at one of our partners.
Of course. Each passport contains separate entries and you could offer the entries to different people. However, once the entry has been validated, it cannot be reused.
Yes, at SOS Aventures, there is no payment before your arrival on site for your reservation. It is therefore possible at any time to present an entry obtained in a passport to pay for your entry.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to make changes to the passport. The program offered by the Ministry of Tourism asks us to offer an adult entry on each passport from each participating company.
Each participating company holds a register of passports. With the name of the buyer and his email, we can trace it. Attention, if you do not have the passport on your device or physically with you, a piece of ID of the buyer will be necessary in order to use this passport.
It is not possible to combine a passport entry with a discount or another promotion. However, if there are group promotions, people who do not use a passport entry will be able to take advantage of the applicable discounts. Contact us if you have more questions about our promotions.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund a passport. It is a final sale.
In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Ministry of Tourism had set up this program to encourage Quebecers to visit attractions within the province at advantageous prices. The discount obtained by buying a passport was compensated by the provincial budget.


Yes, if you are part of a group of four or more and your reservation is either the day before, the day after or your birthday. If your birthday falls on a day when we are closed, you can play for free on the previous or next working day. The discount is applied to your reservation at the time of payment upon presentation of an identity document. Maximum of one birthday discount per reservation.
The promotions are applied at the time of payment when you arrive at our center. Entering your credit card information when making your reservation is only used for last minute cancellation charges. No payment is made online.

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The promotions are applied at the time of payment when you arrive at our center. Entering your credit card information when making your reservation is only used for last minute cancellation charges. No payment is made online.